This unique site is nestled on the edge of John August Reserve, Canterbury. The parkland provides an amazing backdrop of mature tree canopies for each of the dwellings, but also provides extended views and a sense of space from within each individual private courtyard.

The proposed landscape seeks to enhance the sense of greenery, with species selected to provide year-round interest and to compliment the dwellings. The retention of existing mature trees within the front garden to Vauxhall Road, along with additional feature trees create a strong landscape setting.



Canterbury Park is nestled on the Canterbury and Balwyn border, a mere 10kms from the city. They both possess many attributes consistently ranking both as one of Melbourne’s top 10 affluent and in-demand suburbs. The rare combination of Melbourne’s perfectly positions to continue to capitalise on its future growth.


Whether investing in your lifestyle or your portfolio, also cements its blue-chip investment status with its many surrounding assets. Strong employment opportunities, excellent public transport, world class sporting facilities including golf, bike trails, as well as local and nearby schools and hospitals, are just a small part of what the area has on offer.


Further entrenching prospects are strong counteractive trends in demographic shifts and Government endorsed zoning changes. With over 40% of residents at 45 years of age or above, there is a clear move amongst a large portion of residents from backyard to courtyard living.


Recent zoning changes however have restricted the access to land zoned to accompany this demand. Trying to access low-maintenance multi-dwelling type living, up to 4 levels with private basement, underground parking all abutting over 70 metres of parkland are likely to prove rare.


Further large depreciation schedules are available, together with the prospect of strong rental returns. With a median house price expected to hit $3M in coming years, continued demographic shifts and restrictive zoning, is likely to provide Canterbury Park to capitalise on your lifestyle or portfolio of today, or helping to secure your future of tomorrow.



Discover precious treasures, exclusive to Canterbury Park and its surroundings. Find hidden trails, exclusive schools, historic parklands and some of Australia’s finest architecture. Enjoy the rare selection of both Balwyn and Canterbury’s finest cafes, restaurants, shops and historic places of interest.